Murder mystery author Susan Goldstein
Murder mystery author Susan Goldstein
Murder mystery author Susan Goldstein
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Coming soon: Buckeye Mom, the first in a series of suspense and mystery novellas featuring Liz MacKenzie.

Thirty-eight year old Liz MacKenzie isn't having an ordinary mid-life crisis. She has the perfect life—great husband, wonderful kids and a gorgeous home. So what's the problem? How about everything. Liz can't help feeling like she's missed twenty years of adventures and opportunities. Only adventures can be unpredictable, even deadly. Has life in her small Ohio town prepared Liz for a confrontation with evil? What happens when the perfect crime meets the perfect housewife?

Hollywood Forever

Hollywood Forever

Things are not going well for wealthy, spoiled Samantha Crowley who thought her world would never collapse until her superstar novelist husband filed for divorce. Samantha's pursuit of "divorce justice" in tinsel town lands her in an even more perilous situation. Within twenty-four hours of meeting with her, the people from whom she seeks help turn up dead in dramatic fashion. Samantha, the unwanted wife, is now a wanted woman...

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"Full of fun references to Hollywood's glamorous past, Goldstein's delightful fiction debut introduces Beverly Hills matron Samantha Crowley...Goldstein (coauthor of The Smart Divorce) supplies one surprise after another as the action builds to a suitable Hollywood ending."
   —Publishers Weekly

"Rapidly changing events make a messy Beverly Hills divorce unnecessary... Samantha, who aptly notes that 'I'm turning into a whining divorcee,' will doubtless find a warm reception among simpatico readers."
   —Kirkus Reviews

"Samantha Crowley, soon to be ex-wife of a best-selling author, decides to outdo her ex and takes up writing. Suddenly she is caught up in a number of murders, and she is the prime person of interest. VERDICT: Making her fiction debut, California lawyer Goldstein (coauthor, The Smart Divorce) introduces some cool characters and perfectly captures the Hollywood milieu—greedy divorce lawyers and real-estate agents with a nose for making a buck on marriage breakups, combined with a touch of old movie-star glamour."
   —Library Journal

"This terrific suspense thriller runs on two strong elements: a twisting murder mystery and references to historical Hollywood. The spins are incredible and plausible in a case of few degrees of separation; as Sam knows this is Hollywood."
   —Harriet Klausner, The Mystery Gazette

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